Jeremy O. Harris’ DADDY in UK!

Remember the play where Alan Cumming unabashedly showed his long uncut cock in NY Stage?

From the press release:

The American playwright’s hit play is coming to London’s Almeida Theatre this April

Jeremy O. Harris is finally set to make his UK theatre debut bringing “Daddy” to London’s Almeida Theatre after years of coronavirus-related delays. Tackling issues of race, love, queerness, and kink, the prequel to the American playwright’s Broadway hit Slave Play originally debuted in New York in 2019. “Daddy” follows the story of a young, Black, gay artist named Franklin, and his relationship with an older, white art collector – and Franklin’s sugar daddy – Andre.

The UK iteration of the three-act play will star Terique Jarrett, Claes Bang and Sharlene Whyte, with Danya Taymor directing, and will run at the Almeida Theatre until 30 April, 2022.

This time Danish Actor Claes Bang will perform the role originated by Alan. He is one hot daddy for sure. Wish I could see his uncut schlong on stage!

He is not stranger to nudity. He showed some skin in Dracula series and movies The Burnt Orange Heresy and The Bay of Silence

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