Freedom Dance

The cast of Freedom Dance is going to be completely naked!

From the press release:

Freedom Dance consists of a series of playful scenes that stand on their own, and build a symbolic, existential story about coping in our current world. Scenes include Fire & Water Dance, the Existential Swim, Meeting God, Original Music, Poetry, Live Painting and much more!

Here’s one of the male cast member

The nude form is used to effectively strip away societal roles, statuses and stigmas. Naked Theater reminds us of the essential humanity that we all share. And as always, we do it with creativity, style and a smile!

Ticket price ($35 each)

Only 18 and older will be allowed. Photos and video recordings will be forbidden

Running Time:
1hr 30min (0 intermissions)
Opening Night: June 02, 2022
Final Performance: June 05, 2022

Gene Frankel Theatre
24 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012


  1. Saw this tonight, it was fun if a little disjointed. There was some dance, some music, some acting and some personal storytelling, done mostly by a fully nude painted cast.

    One thing to note – the promo poster lists five male cast members but only two go fully nude. Rahul Gajasamharamoorthy was dressed in a black body suit, Ethan James First played guitar in khaki short and Luca Villa apparently dropped out of the show after the marketing material went out (he is not in the program either so his absence wasn’t last minute).

    However Joseph Grasso and Brace Sunshine more than make up for the other’s lack of nudity. They are fully nude the entire time they are on stage, both completely painted head to toe in body paint. The body paint was well done and both are very attractive men with great bodies. The theater is small so the view is pretty good for all though the 2nd and 3rd row floor seats might be blocked a little by those in the front row. The rest of the rows are on bleachers. One more show is available playing tomorrow.

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