Mr. Parker

From the press release:

From the author and director of DANIEL’S HUSBAND comes a funny, touching new play about learning to let go of the past and embracing the future.

In this potent look at love, life and loss, Terry Parker is at a crossroads — gay, middle-aged, suddenly single and unable to adjust to a world that has moved on without him – when he embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

MR. PARKER is suitable for ages 16 and up and includes brief nudity, strong language, adult themes

Theatre One
$25-$49 + $2.50 Restoration Fee


Mia Matthews

Davi Santos

Derek Smith

Thanks to one of our readers who gave us this tip. From the Fort Lauderdale production, the character of Davi Santos had full frontal nudity. If Yondr is also sealing our cell phones during the performance I am assuming a full frontal nudity.

Davi Santos is best known for his role playing Sir Ivan, The Gold Ranger on the television series Power Rangers Dino Charge and Dr. Joey Costa on Good Sam.


  1. I saw this play last night and quite enjoyed it. It was a bittersweet story about loss, grief, and the struggle to move on with life after the death of a partner. The three actors did a good job though for me the standout was Mia Matthews as Cassie.

    As for the nudity, it was brief but memorable. Davi Santos plays Justin, a 28 year old bartender who serves as a love interest for the titular Mr. Parker. In the first scene, he enters the stage on the audience left, drying himself off with a towel after a shower. He shows off his uncut trimmed member to the audience here. He then turns to make coffee, showing his very firm butt as well. He puts on the towel and then after a moment, takes it off and walks across the stage to put on his very fitted underwear. There is then a few minutes where he lounges around in his undies, giving a nice view of his fit chest. Santos is gorgeous! Glad he took on this role.

    Not to sound corny, but this play took me back a bit to my early days of enjoying NY theater (back in the days of FUCT and Duncan Pflaster and The Amoralists and Naked Holidays). The theater was one of those small black box theaters, not unlike the Rattlestick Theater where another young actor, Jake Silbermann, memorably entered the stage fully nude as well in the Three’s Company parody 3C. While lately there have been productions that offer an abundance of nudity (Take Me Out, The Rover, Camp Morning Wood), I still also like the plays with a quick or unexpected nude scene. It was always fun (and sometimes frustrating) to read about a play with potential nudity on the blog and then hunt it down to confirm lol.

    The theater is small but long so I would recommend getting tickets in the first few rows. Center or audience right would be best but honestly the staging is clear so pretty much anywhere is good.

    1. I would recommend the center or audience right but the theater is not that wide so any section of the row would be good. I would recommend closer to the stage as the theater is quite long, the seats in the back might not have a great view.

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