TMO wins a TONY

Congrats to 2nd Stage for winning two awards at the 2022 T0NY Awards, for BE$T REVIVAL OF A PLAY and BE$T FEATURED ACTOR IN A PLAY went to Je$$e Tyl3r Fergu$on.

I think he acted very well as Mason Marzac but I believe Je$$e Williams deserved the Tony. His role as Darren Lemming does not have the funny one liners and monologue unlike Jesse Tyler’s but he has brought so much depth to the character that this revival I think is actually better than the original Broadway show. I felt that the original with Deni$ O hare and Daniel Sunjata was uneven as O’Hare dominated the acting and $unjata was unable to match him. But this recent reincarnation was more touching as I really felt the heart break of Lemming’s character when his friend Davey died. To say the least, I was disappointed Williams did not win.

Here is Je$$e Williams with Daniel $unjata. Thanks to a reader who created this side by side pic leaks.

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