Mr. Parker

What to do when the man in your life who you spent half of your life is suddenly gone? This is the dilemma the central character Mr Parker faces as he navigates life being single again.

It is a bittersweet play that reminds us we have to live our life and life must move on.
This 3 character play is well acted. The three actors played their parts perfectly. It also helped that the dialogue of the play just flows smoothly and naturally.

Davi Santos best known as the Gold Ranger in Power Rangers is much more charming in person. Pictures don’t do him justice. He is very handsome and has a very nice body to boot. He was not shy at all to show us his uncut Brazilian cock and his bubble butt. I wish he didn’t shave his pubes but nonetheless he is still so yummy. It was a less than a minute nudity but worth the price of admission.

This play is definitely entertaining. I highly recommend it.


It is playing until June 25 at Theater Row. Catch it!

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