Nothing but Thunder – A new play

Prolific gay playwright Duncan Pflaster has a new play that has been accepted at DREAM UP FESTIVAL 2022 – Theater for New City which will run from Aug 28- Sept. 18.

He has been consistent in writing plays catered to the gay audience with an eyeful of male nudity! And Nothing But Thunder is no different.

So if we could help them with some funding so we can be sure that their team will go all out to provide us with a funtastic evening at the theater.

Here is the link:

From the press release : In Ancient Greece, a young and arrogant Dionysus is tasked by Zeus with rescuing his mother Semele from Tartarus; if he succeeds, he will be elevated to Olympus with the other gods. With his slave Xanthias, he goes on a queer adventure that will humble him greatly.

Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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