Nothing but Thunder- a reader’s review

This is a review from one of our blog readers:

Playwright Duncan Pflaster has taken an interesting approach by retelling Greek mythology and give it a queer storyline. Duncan’s work always pushes the envelope in a good way especially with the celebration of male nudity including an interesting clothed penetration scene which is hilarious.

With the audience having to put phones on a Yonder case, my assumption is in the age of social media, the cast as a whole may have been too weary of the nudity. The original breakdown of the casting notice listed more nudity than what was shown. Only Spencer Gonzalez who plays the main character showed an extensive nude scene in the beginning of the play. He is circumsized, full bush and little to average.

In plays that celebrate the human form, especially this being about GREEK mythos, it would have been nice to see more nudity from the rest of the cast. The cast is great and represented different body types. This would have been a great example of showing off and celebrating nudity in a construct that feels more natural. Also with a little more rehearsal time this okay could be even better. Kudos to Duncan for keeping on pushing the envelope for gay theater. Catch it, it still has 2 play dates: September 14 and 18 at Theater for the New City.

Spencer Gonzalez

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