This is a site where you can find info on shows with male nudity in New York, reviews, possible nudity, nude photos of current Broadway stars…. and more!!! I encourage everyone to share informations, gossip and other theater nudity related topics to make this blog more fun!


  1. You angered a LOT of people in the theatre community with your contest for best male nude scene. That contest prompted a lot of complaints and I think that is why you were taken down.

  2. I have been a fan of your site for years. I love it and do not want to see it end. So please read this, not as a criticism, but as my perspective on the “anger…”

    I would guess that the anger comes from the actors and crew in the productions that are written about, not just from the naked actors, but from all people involved. Most nudity in theater is thought of by the creators, as non-gratuitous and those directors, producers, crew and actors take pride in their craft and in their play. I suspect they feel we are demeaning their productions by focusing on the nudity, and objectifying the actors by describing their genitalia in detail. And let’s face it–we are (which is why your site is so enjoyable and a guilty pleasure for many.) The straight male actors might have also been uncomfortable knowing they had gay men scrutinizing them as we did.

    Perhaps the contest and voting went too far. It would be like adding a category at the Oscars for “best full frontal.” I don’t think that would go over well with male or female actors, or others who make the films. I think your site is great for information about the naked specifics of various productions. For me the contest was actually a tease, since it made me sorry I missed some of the more popular plays.

    It might be a good idea to do away with the contest all together. Just focus on the information, like you always have so well. And perhaps vet people who subscribe to the site? Make it more of a closed, “request to subscribe” sort of thing?

    I offer these opinions in hope that you don’t get taken down again.

    Thanks for your dedication,

    1. Thanks a lot Mike for your thoughful comments. I actually wanted to make this blog open to certain group only, so I can just express my thoughts the way I really want it without thinking about what other people might think. However, this blog wordpress only allows up to 35 people if I do it for a closed group. I will get rid of the contest and just create a yearly list of actors that did a nude scene. I will edit my blog reports so as not to offend others. If certain subscribers want a more detailed or “graphic” info, I guess we just have to correspond privately.

  3. I think maybe whoever got your blog taken down was somebody in the theatre community being written about (or not written about!). At the same time, nudity is a part of theatre, and actors agree to do it. They might feel degraded about being objectified in a blog but let’s face it, they agree to go nude on stage and the fun of this site is about reveling in that, and ultimately you’re praising them for being hot! I think “going underground” and emailing each other is like going into the closet. I just think you need to find a host that doesn’t care what you put up. Google blogs are famous for being anti-gay and taking down blogs. Find a host that won’t care. Go for it! You have a great thing going! And find a place where you can keep the contest going! Playboy has objectified women for years!

  4. First of all, let me say how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. It’s one of the few that I follow. Personally, I didn’t care for the contest, not because it was offensive, but simply because it cluttered the pages. But that’s just me. It’s your blog, and you can do what you want with it.

    I do hope you’ll reconsider your decision to avoid any content that anyone might find offensive. Anything you post will offend someone. The details about the nudity is what I find most interesting. I can’t travel to New York to see every production for myself, but I can enjoy them vicariously through your blog.

    As to why your blog was closed, I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. It may have been due to complaints from the “Theatre Community”. Or, it may have resulted simply from an accumulation of random complaints over time. I know that Flickr automatically closes accounts when a specified number of complaints are received. They don’t investigate – they simply close the account. I suspect that Google does something similar.

    Also, I know that Google is accused of searching out and closing blogs with gay-related content. I haven’t seen any evidence of that. I suspect that Google closes blogs because they hit the magic number of complaints or because of posts which repeatedly violate copyrights. Regardless, blogs are frequently closed and re-opened under a different name. I know it’s annoying after you’ve spent a lot of time and effort building a great blog, but it’s also unavoidable.

    I appreciate that you post the performance schedule and how to get tickets. Your blog provides free advertising for the shows, and that sells tickets. I would think that those in the “Theatre Community” would be pleased that seats are being filled.

    In closing, I hope you’ll continue to post your interesting and informative observations regarding male nudity in the New York Theatre.

  5. Scotty,

    Playboy is pornography. No one, not even Hugh Hefner, is pretending Playboy is anything else. Nudity in “legitimate” theater is not intended as pornography. It is not supposed to be gratuitous or intended to be salacious.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like this site — I use this site. I’m the last one who wants to see it go away. But let’s call a spade, a spade. If we were simply talking about reviews of gay theater — I’m with you – be out and proud. But focusing on an actor’s genitalia in a legitimate play and describing it in print is a bit disrespectful. No one is suggesting that the site “go underground.” But it doesn’t have to be in-your-face either. It can be done in a controlled and selective forum.


    1. Mike,
      You make some valid points, although I suspect Hugh Hefner would deny that Playboy is pornography. Perhaps nudity in the theatre shouldn’t be gratuitous or salicious. But, it does sell tickets. The producers know this. “Take Me Out” is a good example. I love the play, but, honestly, would we have ever heard of it if it didn’t feature extensive nudity? The Broadway revival of “Equus” is another example. It’s a disturbing and provocative play, but it would have received little notice were it not for a nude Daniel Radcliffe. Would “Hair” still be around if it hadn’t included an over-hyped nude scene?

      It takes courage for an actor to be nude onstage, and I applaud those with the guts to put it all out there. I also agree that discussions of those actors should be done in a respectful manner. But, I’m not convinced that describing the details is disrespectful.

      Numerous sites are devoted to celebrity nudity in film with frequent images and video clips. Comments are usually candid and often critical. Is there really a difference between film nudity and theatrical nudity?

      “Controlled and selective forum” sounds an awful lot like censorship to me. It also sounds rather boring. If the site can’t be “in your face”, then why even bother. Most people would consider plays with full frontal nudity to be “in your face”. Why should this site have to be safe and vanilla when the plays being discussed are anything but.

  6. Playboy is hardly porn in any true sense–porn being pictures/videos of people having sex, ejaculating, etc. And as far as actors and nudity, it’s the hazards of the business–the internet is full of nude scenes from movies, etc. And Mike’s right–there’s no difference between stage and film nudity. If anything film nudity is “worse” in that it’s all over the internet forever.

    And yeah, we can be “respectful” in describing stage nude scenes, but “respectful” ain’t necessarily fun and being lively in describing a handsome actor ain’t being mean. It’s why everybody checks the site out! “Respectful” reviews sound deadly. “His penis was quite handsome and large.” Snooze!

    I also agree with Mike that a “controlled and selective” forum sounds like censorship. What’s wrong with just finding a place to have the blog that doesn’t have an issue with the site? There must be one out there!

  7. You guys are misunderstanding me. I am not saying to stop or censor the descriptions or the site. I am only offering possible answers to the question: Why was the blog taken down?

    And if you don’t think Playboy is porn–you are deluded.

    pornography |pôrˈnägrəfē|
    printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

  8. Let me say this: I greatly enjoy seeing the nude male body. To me, it’s beyond the turn on factor – a beautiful male body is a work of art in my mind. The statue of David is a great example – it’s a masterpiece, of course, but what gay man (or woman), hasn’t on SOME level found seeing that statue not just awe inspiring, but also a bit hot as well?

    I think your blog and blogs like it are IMPORTANT, because at the end of the day, if it sells seats, then that’s ALWAYS a good thing!! Theater, dance, etc., cannot exist if there aren’t people in those seats. And sometimes nudity is a factor in a ticket sale.

    Case in point: I went to see the dance show “Nameless Forest” at the Kitchen last night, specifically because I had seen a picture and write up in Time Out, indicating full frontal male nudity, and one of the guys in the main picture was, in my opinion, beyond hot. I generally don’t even ENJOY modern dance pieces. But I thought “ok, if I get to see THAT gay naked, then I’m there. Call that what you will. I wasn’t going to leer and press my program into my lap, if you know what I mean. But I did want to admire that beautiful man, and enjoy the perk of seeing him nude. Well, let me tell you, it ALL exceeded my expectations. First of all, this man nude should be required viewing for every gay man. My God, he’s stunning. It’s a study in absolute perfection. But guess what: in the process, I saw the first modern dance piece that I LIKED!! I absolutely was riveted to the piece from start to finish. I may have come in to see that dancer nude, but I walked out with a lot more. And in speaking about the show to people in my life over the next few days, I’m not going to reveal my real reason for going. I’m going to let them all think I’m artsy. But I can very honestly tell them to go see this show for it’s content, and if not this show, then the work of this very interesting choreographer, in the future.

    I know many actors that have done nudity in legit theater shows, and they all have that “they’re going to be staring at my dick and judging it” lump in their throats when they first take these roles. And the true artists in them, justify this leap because it’s a role they want to do, and they want audiences to see them in that production. And look, no great actor wants people saying “go see him in that show because he’s got a great dick”. They want people to say “he’s incredible in the role”. But if his great dick or body GETS them into the theater, and hopefully they’ll be open to enjoying the ENTIRE experience, and not be just about seeing the Peen… then I think that’s a good thing.

    And conversely – if there’s a bad show, like “Confessions of a Bad Boy”, that has to be the worst thing I’ve ever had to sit through – which I did because of the promised nudity that barely ever materialized, then I, as a ticket buying audience, would like to know that as well. The only thing that could have saved that show was actually getting to see the guys full frontal for more than 8 seconds. Instead, I sat through crap and then suffered the slap in the face of a “full monty” moment where most of the guys were facing away from the audience.

    1. Thanks. I have been in touch with the producer and will post something about the show closer to their opening date.

  9. Any word about the two new Rattestick Theater Productions – Afghanistan, Zimababwe, America and The Twentieth Century Way? I’m hoping Seth Numrich would be nude in Afghanistan I missed his naked run in Slipping a few years back

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